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Stone Carve Creations Engraved Stones

Our river stones are hand picked for color, texture, smooth surfaces and round edges, the highest quality Mother Nature has to offer. Our stock and custom stones are individually measured and sized to maximize the engraving area. Each stone is as unique as you are. We pride ourselves in making sure our engraved river stones are the best combination of man's know-how and nature's beauty.

engraved stock river stone dad's pond

Stock stones are available with many different sayings and sizes.

Personalized river stones make unique gifts for birthdays, weddings or any occasion.

Create a custom stone, with your words and an image of your choice.

garden marker rock These garden markers will add natural beauty to any garden or landscaped area.

Our river stones are the perfect way to honor a pet.

Remember your dog or cat with a engraved stone pet memorial.

engraved animal images on rocks stones Or create your own personalized stone. See Image Gallery.

word rocks stone gifts

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Bloomingdale, NJ
Tel: (973) 492-3004

For more information or business opportunities call or email us.

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Personalized Engraved Stones, Pet Memorials, Garden Markers, Engraved Concrete Paving Bricks, Pond Stones, Word Rocks and Address Markers make wonderful gifts. Our expertly trained designers and engravers use the best tools available to ensure the highest quality deep engravings.